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Swan "Universal" 117X /117XC, 117v/230v Power Supply for all Radios 350, 400, 500, 700 , 750 S/N O438434


Swan "Universal" 117X /117XC, 117v/230v Power Supply for all Radios 350, 400, 500, 700 , 750 S/N O438434

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Product Description

This Swan "Universal" 117X /117XC,  117v/230v Power Supply, is compatible for all Radios like the 250, 350, 400, 500, 700, and 750.

  It is  S/N O438434.

This one is in good condition and has been tested with a High Power transceiver and it worked with no apparent problems.  As with most Vintage power supplies, it would be prudent to replace the original electrolytic capacitors before putting it in to continuous service.

 The Cabinet is in great shape with only a few small rub marks. This front panel is slightly discolored in one area.

The interface cord has been replaced (spliced into the old cord) and seems to work okay.

I also found that the headphone jack is disconnected.


I am selling this Power supply as is as described for the family of a silent key.


Read all about it!

This power supply is directly compatible with all 350, 400 and later tube-design transceiver models. Even with

the higher dc input PEP requirements of the 700CX and 750CX transceivers (700 W vs. the 400 W specified for
the 350/400 model transceivers), there was no beefing-up of the standard 117X design.

The 117X model number denotes only the actual stand alone black-box power supply package, while the XC
suffix refers to the same 117X enclosed in a cabinet (with a speaker and headphone jack) that matches the
250C/350C/500C/etc. transceiver’s style and appearance.

When initially introduced, the 117X/XC may also have been designated as an 117XB for a short time – they are the same unit. It was first manufactured in 1965 as a replacement for the 117C and was advertised as Swan’s “Universal” power supply, since it was intended to be used for 117-V ac, 230-V ac, and 12-V dc operation – only ac power cord Cinch-Jones connector rewiring for117/230 V operation or an additional inverter for dc operation is required.

The 117X was manufactured for 15 years, the longest production run of any Swan product. It normally
operates from a 117-V ac power source (unless an optional dc converter is used for 12-V battery operation)
and all versions have the same operational specifications and connectors, consistent with its
immediate predecessor (117C).

The last year of production for the 117XC model as a complete unit 

(power supply and cabinet) was 1977. However, production of the 117X continued for another two and a half
years, primarily for use with the 14C dc inverter for mobile or battery operation.
The 117XC’s cabinet contains a 3 to 4-Ω impedance loudspeaker, neon lamp, and a ¼" phone jack for use with
headphones or an external speaker.

The threaded hole, located in the rectangular reinforced section of the
117X’s case just below the Cinch-Jones connector, is provided for mounting the 14C dc-to-ac module on the
power supply. If that module is not used, it is a convenient place to attach a ground braid between the power
supply and transceiver, however be absolutely sure the screw used is not excessively long, as the power transformer
is mounted directly behind the hole. 

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