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Ten-Tec Model 229 Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner in Very Nice Cosmetic Condition


Ten-Tec Model 229 Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner in Very Nice Cosmetic Condition

$30.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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Product Description

Ten-Tec Model 229 Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner in Very Nice Cosmetic Condition.

 I used it on the bench and while testing the dial cord slipped off. Apparently it was not adjusted correctly and meet the end stop before the Johnson 229 roller inductor was at the end of travel.

I will include a copy of the manual and the instructions to route the dial cord is below.

There are no bad scratches or marks and the unit appeared to tune okay when tested.

The on board watt meter is also working and appears to be accurate.

This Matching unit is adjustable reactive network for matching unbalanced 50 ohm output impedance of xmitters and xcvrs to a variety of loads, either balanced or unbalanced. Provision is made for selecting on of four antennas or for bypassing the tuner.

A dual range power and SWR meter is included.

Circuit: Modified "L" network, RF Power: 2kw, Frequency Range 1.8mhz to
30mhz, Output

Matching range: At least 10:1 SWR, Max Balanced Load
(through the balun): 500 ohms.

Input Impedance: 50 ohms

Capacitor Voltage Rating: 3.5kv, Inductor: 18uh silver plated roller inductor, Size: HWD 5-1/2" x 13" x 11",

Overall weight is 9 lbs.

I am selling this unit as is as described for the family of a silent key.



Dial cord routing instructions



Instructions for 229, 229A 238, 4229 dial cord routing:

  1. Turn the inductor fully clockwise to the stop.
  2. Tie the nylon cord through the hole in the left side of the dial pointer.
  3. Tie the black stretch cord through the hole in the right side of the pointer.
  4. Place the pointer on the right-hand end of the sub-panel (almost touching the single pulley) and tape it in place.
  5. Route the nylon cord as shown above; pull it taut (without moving the pointer) and tie the end SECURELY to the pin on the inductor shaft.
  6. Route the stretch cord as shown above; take up the slack (not too much) and tie the end into a lasso (not too tightly) around the pot shaft. (The pointer should still be near the right-hand pulley, the nylon cord taut and stretch cord slightly tensed.)
  7. Remove the tape from the pointer.
  8. Turn the inductor gently, beginning counter-clockwise; the pointer should move freely and smoothly, all the way to the left and back.

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